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Movie Posters 2017

Here, in no particular order, are my fifteen picks for movie posters released throughout 2017. A lot of great alternative ones were released via Mondo, Bottleneck Gallery and others, but this list focuses on official posters released.


Dunkirk - This poster for Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk uses an approach that's been done many times before - a lone character viewed from behind. Here it's really effective in capturing the scale of the conflict. The image of the beach inside the type is a nice touch too. Designed by Concept Arts.

Ghost In The Shell - The live action remake of the Japanese anime had some really great posters in its marketing campaign. This one creates a bold impact with a striking image and some nice type treatment. Designed by LA.

Flatliners - The remake of Flatliners got a pretty poor reception from critics but this poster is a nice example of what a solid concept, a good image and a some Photoshop can do.  Designed by Concept Arts.


Baby Driver - There were a lot of great fan posters created for this film, this official one is reminiscent of an early Olly Moss poster. The sound waves for the tyre tracks are a nice idea. It's good to see an illustrative approach to a movie poster rather than an image based one. Designed by BLT Communications.

The Void - The Void was another movie that had several great posters released for its marketing campaign. This one from Phantom City Creative has really nice type treatment and the illustration at the centre is very effective. It wouldn't look out of place on the front cover of an old horror novel. Designed by Phantom City Creative.

Wonder - This poster for the movie Wonder has an uncluttered design and a nice use of colour and imagery. The astronaut helmet in place of the 'O' works well. Designed by LA.


A Ghost Story - The image and the type work together nicely in this poster for A Ghost Story. The backdrop of the stars and the ghost in the foreground creates a great image. Designed by P+A.

Get Out - This poster for Get Out is one of the simplest but most striking on this list. There were a few movie posters that used this letterbox crop of eyes this year - the movies I Am Not Your Negro and Obit used it to great effect too. Designed by LA.

It Comes At Night - Just like the poster for A Ghost Story this one for It Comes At Night uses a really strong image and some well placed type. The title of the movie against the darkness in the distance works really well. Designed by InSync Plus.


Downrange - I wasn't aware of this film but the poster caught my eye. Flipping the image on its side creates a nice division and leaves a lot of white space for the text. Designed by Unsupervised Kids.

Blade Runner 2049 - There were two posters released like this one for Blade Runner 2049, the one above featuring Ryan Gosling and one using an orange colour theme with Harrison Ford. It's a striking futuristic image. Designed by BLT Communications.

Kong Skull Island - This year The Hitman's Bodyguard poster spoofed The Bodyguard poster, this one for Kong Skull Island gets its style and composition from Apocalypse Now and it works really well. Designed by Little Giant Studios.


Alien Covenant - The original poster for Ridley Scott's Alien is a classic. This gothic one for the prequel Alien Covenant uses the creatures from the franchise and creates a gruesome mix of Xenomorphs, Facehuggers and human victims. Designed by BLT Communications. Poster artwork by Ten30 Studios.

Thor Ragnarok - Following a disappointing poster for their Spider Man Homecoming movie, Marvel Studios released this one for the latest Thor movie. It has great composition, use of colour and really captures the different approach with this movie compared to the two prequels. Designed by LA.

Logan - This gritty poster for Hugh Jackmans final portrayal of the character Wolverine uses a really strong image as a teaser for the introduction of new character X-23. Designed by Gravillis Inc.

Mathew Bond